The Birth Training You Can Trust

What if you could become a Childbirth Educator or Doula without new age or woke education?

You can! The Biblical Birth School equips birth professionals from a Christian worldview!

Love Birth?

  •  Are you a Christian who loves all things birth?
  • Do you want to see women have redemptive births the way you KNOW God designed them?
  • Are you frustrated by other Childbirth Educator and Doula certification programs that push their secular, anti-Biblical agendas?
  • Do you want to be supported by an organization that upholds your Christian values and affirms traditional gender language?

Did you answer YES to one or more? Then you’re not alone!

Friend, you have a special calling from God! 

That still small voice is whispering and you wonder where to start your journey into birth work.

With so many people falling to the changing culture, you don’t know who to trust…

I’ve been there. For a long time I eagerly sought birth work. I looked for trainings that I could align with and found NO ONE that shared my Christian beliefs and conservative values.

But my story didn’t end there, and yours doesn’t either.

You can become a Childbirth Educator or Doula without having to wade through woke and new age birth ideologies…

There IS a place for you in the birth world, where you can get the training and education you need while being welcomed into a group of women who love God and birth as much as you do.


The Biblical Birth School Online Programs

The Biblical Birth School is the only Bible based and trauma informed birth training for Christian women who are ready to turn their God given passion for birth into a life changing career and ministry!

For women who value in depth learning and traditional values, The Biblical Birth School will equip you for birth work without compromising your beliefs!

What You'll Learn!

14 in depth, on demand video training modules with 60+ lessons on:

→ The physical and hormonal stages of birth the way God designed it

→ Reconciling and understanding birth complications and interventions

→ Discover what the Bible really says about the “curse” of childbirth

→ Understand how the 6 losses of trauma affect your clients in birth and beyond

Exposing new age and occult practices in birth work

→ Encouragement to overcome insecurities and step into YOUR unique calling from God

→ Learn how to set up your birth business from home 

Connect and build relationships with women who love Biblical truth as much as you do!

Hands-on birth doula skills and how to serve women effectively in labor

→ And so much more!

Pick Your Pathway!

Become a Certified Childbirth Educator!

Foundations Childbirth Educator Certification Program is for women who want to teach expecting families about childbirth and prepare them for a positive birth experience.

Students will get 12 months access to all 7 CBE modules and materials!

Become a Certified Birth Doula!

Appointed Birth Doula Certification Program is for women who want to serve women with hands on skills and emotional support during labor and delivery.

Students will get 24 months access to the 7 Birth Doula modules and materials PLUS all modules and materials in the CBE Program- 14 modules and 60+ lessons total!

What's in the CBE Modules?

  •  In this exclusive module, you’ll get in depth, Bible based lessons on Genesis chapter 3, and get foundational teaching on what Christians should believe about the “curse” of childbirth!
  •  Module 2 takes a comprehensive look at physiological birth the way God designed it. You’ll get essential knowledge on female anatomy, birth hormones, the stages of labor and much more!
  •  In this eye-opening and exciting Module, I’ll take you on a journey to expose the overt and subtle New Age and occult practices happening in pregnancy and birth every day. You’ll learn:
  • What practices Christian birth workers should avoid and why
  • The truth about eating the placenta
  • Why hypnosis for childbirth isn’t Biblical and so much more!
  •  Birth doesn’t always go as planned. In Module 4 you’ll grasp the theological and physical reasons why birth complications CAN happen and why interventions might be the solution. You’ll understand common pregnancy and birth complications, interventions, side effects and how to teach informed consent confidently. 
  •  In Module 5 you’ll receive teaching on trauma and how to offer Christ centered, compassionate, trauma informed education for your students.
  • Understand the 6 losses of trauma and how they affect women in birth
  • Apply trauma informed pillars of care to your birth business
  • Recognize vicarious trauma and avoid burnout
  •  Module 6 is all about starting and growing your birth business! 
  • Learn how to set up your birth business from home
  • Understand what Childbirth Educators can and can’t do
  • Practical advice on marketing your birth business on social media
  • What to teach and how to engage different learning styles
  •  Birth is far from the end of a woman’s journey. In Module 7 you’ll get a deep dive on Biblical postpartum principles found in Scripture, and you’ll get answers to questions like:
  • How did God design a woman to carry out postpartum?
  • Why is postpartum rest important spiritually and physically?
  • What is the optimal diet for the childbearing woman? And more!

Become a Childbirth Educator!

The Biblical Birth School Childbirth Educator Certification Program 

includes 12 months of access to:


7 Modules and 40+ lessons!

Monthly live Q+A sessions with me!

The 50 page Student Workbook filled with resources and notes specifically for Childbirth Educators

My Teaching Curriculum Outline to use right away to teach your own classes

Healing Birth Trauma Workbook

Private online platform and app to connect with me and other students

Certification and web badge upon completion of program requirements PLUS

Your birth business in The Biblical Birth School Directory!

Enroll for Only $597!

Enroll with a one time payment of only $597! 

Or make 4 monthly payments of $149.25!

The Biblical Birth School Difference

Christian Values

We uphold Biblical truth and values and affirm only two genders


Watch the lessons on demand and at your own pace


Join monthly live meet-ups to connect with other students


The Biblical Birth School is accredited for continuing professional development

Do You Want to Be a Birth Doula?

Become a Certified Birth Doula from a Christian worldview!
Here's what's inside The Biblical Birth School's Birth Doula Certification Program!

The Biblical Birth School’s Appointed Birth Doula Certification Program is trauma informed doula education and training from a Christian worldview!

Get the training you need to serve women in birth with confidence, grounded in evidence based education and skills.

  •  You’ll learn:
  • The role of the doula
  • Power dynamics
  • When and how to advocate for your client
  • Hands on pain relieving techniques and massage skills
  • Prenatal comfort and alignment
  • Types of touch in birth
  • Protecting yourself and your business
  • All about insurance
  • Rights of the childbearing woman
  • Doula self-care and trauma informed principles 
  • And so much more!

What's Included in the Birth Doula Program?

The Biblical Birth School Birth Doula Program 

Includes 24 months of access to:


7 in depth modules on Birth Doula training and education, 40+ lessons!

LIVE Q+A sessions every month! 

The Birth Doula Start-Up Kit with a ready-to-go contract and client intake form!

Private online forum to connect with other students!

8 Video lessons from Manna Massage Academy founder Kaleigh Pugliese on hands on anatomy and massage skills!

6 RAW REAL LIFE birth videos!

Certification and web badge upon completion of program requirements  and

Your birth business in The Biblical Birth School Directory!

PLUS ALL 7 Modules and ALL Materials in the Childbirth Educator Certification Program!
You get both Programs, 14 modules and ALL workbooks and materials!


Enroll for only $995

Enroll with a one time payment of only $995!

Or make 4 monthly payments of only $249!

*Total enrollment with 4 payments is $996

BONUS #1 !!

I’ve said this from the beginning – “My goal is YOUR success!” And to give you ALL the tools you really want, I’m giving you what students have requested the most! 


The Biblical Birth School is proud to include **hands on doula and massage skills** from experienced massage therapist, doula and founder of Manna Massage Academy, Kaleigh Pugliese!

Here’s what you’ll get from Kaleigh exclusively inside The Biblical Birth School’s Birth Doula Program!




Bonus #2 !!

The Birth Doula Certification Program ALSO comes with your Doula Start-Up Kit that includes a 

**ready to go** client contract and client intake form 

for you to use with your clients! 

You’ll look like an experienced doula from your very first client!

Everything you need to be a CBE and Doula!

Hey, I'm Brittany!

I’m Brittany! And I’m a Certified Childbirth Educator and Doula, certified to support trauma survivors in the perinatal period and I started The Biblical Birth School after realizing the birth industry had no good options for Christian women to get comprehensive birth training WHILE building up their faith in Christ.

The Biblical Birth School was born of the desire to see a generation of women who love birth and God begin taking back birth for the Kingdom of God!

The Biblical Birth School has certified over 75 women across the globe and I have educated over 60 expecting moms as they prepared for their own beautiful births.

My goal is to serve, and I can’t wait to get to know YOU inside The BBS!

This sounds amazing! But maybe you're wondering...

No, all the lessons are self-paced and on demand! Sign up and go through the modules at your own pace- as fast or slow as you want! 

You’ll get access for 12 months from the date of your enrollment in the CBE Program, and 24 months access from the date of your enrollment in the Birth Doula Program.

After checkout, you’ll receive an email from me with an invite to join the platform where all modules and materials are held.

Yes! The lessons can be viewed on a desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet.

No, you will need to purchase books from the required reading list. They are not included.

Your certification lasts for life! There are currently no recertification fees.

No, the monthly live calls are not required to attend. They are an optional time when students can build relationships and get support as they move through the program! All calls will be recorded and saved so students can watch them anytime.

All 14 modules are approximately 16 hours of content.

Birth Education with Biblical Values. Finally.