The Good Birth Course
for expecting moms

Calling all mamas! What if birth wasn’t something to get through, but something to look forward to? I’m here to tell you- it’s possible.

Have the birth you've been dreaming of

A good birth can happen anywhere. It’s not dependent on a reel-worthy birth room. A good, positive birth that mothers recall with positivity and gratitude centers around just a few important principles:

✔️ belief that you can give birth

✔️ a nourished body to support birth

✔️ preparation for physiological birth (it’s easier than you think!)

✔️ choosing the right provider for your birth


With these principles anyone can have a birth they love and feel good about! In The Good Birth Course, I’m going to break down the specific beliefs, nourishment, preparation and education you need to have a birth you love!

What You’ll Learn

Relieve Labor Pain Naturally

How to Heal Better in Postpartum

Choosing a Provider + Advocacy

Foods for a Birth-Ready Body

What is a "Good" Birth?

Beliefs that Sabotage Birth

Meet Your cbe

Brittany McCardle

Brittany is a certified Childbirth Educator, Doula and Founder of The Biblical Birth School, a Bible based organization committed to teaching and encouraging moms and birth workers about birth from a Christian worldview. Brittany has certified over 125 CBE’s and Doulas and supported over 60 moms for their own positive births. She has had six unmedicated, beautiful births of her own, four at home and 2 in the hospital. She loves helping women overcome their fears so they can walk out motherhood with confidence!

the e-course

5 Steps to a Good Birth

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Good Birth Course
🧠MODULE 1: Renew Your Mind and Walk in Favor 
Learn the foundation of a “good” birth, including confronting YOUR specific beliefs that might sabotage your birth and the beliefs that will SUPPORT a positive birth experience. Understand what really causes birth trauma and steps you can take to prevent it!
🩺MODULE 2: Choosing a Provider + Advocacy
Choosing the right provider for YOU is a vital step in having the birth you want. Learn about the different kinds of birth professionals and which one might be best for you. Get a list of questions to ask BEFORE you choose a hospital or home birth. Discover the Amos Principle for birth! 
🍗MODULE 3: Nourish Your Pregnancy with Optimal Nutrition 
A good birth is a healthy birth! Learn what your OB or midwife might not tell you- how to support a strong birth-ready body through adequate calories, protein and salt. Start applying The Brewer Diet in pregnancy and get tips on how to avoid common pregnancy complications. Includes diet tracking chart and meal plan! 
🤰MODULE 4: Prepare Your Temple (Body) and Tent (Space) for Birth 
Understand the basics of physiological birth and the natural tools you can use to relieve labor pain without an epidural. Learn why some women will benefit from an epidural and other interventions. 3 checklists are included: Informed Consent Checklist, Home Birth Prep Checklist and Hospital Bag Checklist. Watch videos on optimal positioning for natural birth!
💞MODULE 5: Postpartum Healing and Enjoying Biblical Motherhood
Discover the 3 Biblical postpartum principles: RETREAT, REST AND NOURISH. Learn how to prepare for a healthy, happy postpartum you’ll actually enjoy!

You're Not Cursed and Birth is a Blessing!

The truth will set you free mama: God didn’t curse women with agonizing birth. The Scriptures reveal a fallen world, but not a cursed Womanhood. You are blessed, and birth can be great.

Are you ready to have a positive, powerful birth?

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Get lifetime access to The Good Birth Course lessons, workbooks, Bible based labor affirmation cards and BONUSES for only $77! 

You May Be Wondering...

The Good Birth Course is self paced, on demand, and online! Start when you’re ready and complete at your own pace!

The Good Birth Course is about 5 hours of video and audio content. You can go through the lessons as fast or slow as you want!

The Good Birth Course is for women who are ready to take responsibility for their birth outcome, and aren’t looking for someone to “save” them from birth. It is geared towards women desiring a spontaneous, unmedicated birth in any setting.

You get lifetime access to the course lessons and PDF materials!

Personalized coaching is not included in the course. Contact me for coaching packages.

Yes! It’s never too late to renew your mind, nourish your pregnancy and prepare for natural birth! 

Yes! Confronting fears, renewing your mind with the truth, learning how to advocate, and nourishing your pregnancy with The Brewer Diet are even more important to do if you have pregnancy complications.

Yes! The lessons can be watched with your husband. Your purchase of the course is limited to your household.

What is a "good" birth?

A good birth doesn’t have to be a perfect birth. It doesn’t have to have the perfect playlist, candles or ambience. Those things might be helpful, but a good birth is one in which you feel SEEN, HEARD and IN CONTROL. In short, a good birth is one is which you have freedom to make the choices that you value most, and you are respected.

The Good Birth Course will move you through the education, prompts and steps you need to create and prepare for a birth in which you feel CONFIDENT and PEACEFUL!

Most women I talk to are overwhelmed by all the birth education out there. You don’t have to be! You can have peace walking out YOUR birth journey that is unique to you. You don’t have to prove anything or compare your birth to anyone else’s. You can have a really good birth, and you’re the only one who can decide what is good and what isn’t.

Start Preparing for Your Best Birth!


Birth education for the Christian should be different! That’s why The Good Birth Course includes lessons on understanding birth in the Bible AND a BONUS lesson on what every Christian must know about circumcision before their baby boy is born!

What Every Christian Parent Needs to Know About Circumcision

Be confident that you’re making the right decision for your baby boy! Understand what the Bible really says about the controversial practice of circumcision.


📜The covenant of circumcision

✝️Why believers in Christ aren’t under the covenant of circumcision

🗣️What the New Testament disciples said about the practice

🩺Reasons why you might choose circumcision and best ways to have it done

Start Your Journey to a GREAT Birth!

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