The Brewer Diet Quick Start Guide [12-Page PDF Guide, Shopping List and Meal Plan!]




This no-fluff quick start guide will help you understand how to correctly apply The Brewer Diet in pregnancy or postpartum!

The Brewer Diet is an evidence backed nutrition plan that has helped thousands of women support a healthy pregnancy. The Brewer Diet is not a low carb diet, restricted diet, a “traditional” diet or “clean.” Women are often getting bad advice on how to follow The Brewer Diet. Don’t be one of them!

Here’s what you get inside The Brewer Diet Quick Start Guide:

  • 5  page breakdown of WHAT and HOW The Brewer Diet supports a healthy pregnancy
  • The Brewer Diet weekly and daily blank chart to track your food intake
  • The Brewer Diet approved food list with 100’s of foods
  • The Brewer Companion Shopping List
  • 7 Day Brewer Diet Meal Plan with 25+ Brewer Diet approved meals and snacks!


Start nourishing your pregnancy TODAY with this easy, comprehensive Brewer Diet Quick Start Guide!



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