The Brewer Diet Weekly Checklist




Avoid complications like preeclampsia, gestational hypertension and IUGR with proper prenatal nutrition!

This Brewer Diet Weekly Checklist is an easy way for you keep track of the foods you eat as you follow The Brewer Diet. Every time you eat a Brewer Diet approved food, check the corresponding box. Checking off the boxes daily will ensure you are meeting the minimum requirements for an optimal prenatal diet!

The Brewer Diet is an evidence backed nutrition plan that has helped thousands of women prevent and overcome pregnancy complications like preeclampsia. The Brewer Diet is not a low carb diet, restricted diet, a “traditional” diet or “clean.” 

If you are new to The Brewer Diet and want to understand how to correctly follow the specific guidelines for optimal results with a 7 day meal plan and shopping list, please purchase The Brewer Diet Quick Start Guide.

*After purchase, you will receive a PDF file. Please download the PDF to your own device. The download link will expire after 7 days. For educational purposes only.